JOANNA ELM, Author, Journalist, Attorney

July 15, 2017
by joanna

How To Stick To A Writing Routine When You’re NOT A Famous Author

Literary gossip has it that William Faulkner chopped off the bottom of his study door and had all his meals passed to him under the door when he was writing;  poet and playwright, Edna Vincent Millay wrote in a cottage … Continue reading

July 8, 2017
by joanna

Writing The Ultimate Page -Turning Thriller

 Of the following, please check which one applies to you: a) I want to write  a page-turner that will keep my readers up all night; b) I want to read the hottest “serial-killer” thriller of the Summer;  c) Both of the above.  Whichever … Continue reading

July 1, 2017
by joanna

Happy Birthday, America

It’s Squib Saturday. Time to share the most interesting, most outrageous, or most entertaining tidbits of information gleaned from all the stuff I’ve read –or seen — or done.  This week: A Love Letter to My Adopted Country On August … Continue reading