JOANNA ELM, Author, Journalist, Attorney

September 30, 2017
by joanna

6 Reasons Why Twitter Is The Best For Authors Like Me

Many years ago when my son still lived at home, and was on hand to explain the mysteries of social media to me (MySpace anyone?) he advised me to forget about Facebook. “Don’t bother, Mom. It’s not for you.” Knowing … Continue reading

September 23, 2017
by joanna

How To Survive Five Days Alone With A Bad Guy

I don’t know what other authors do, but when my husband, Joe, recently left for five days on a trip to Florida, I spent that uninterrupted, quality writing time with another man. What can I say? The guy’s good-looking, smooth-talking, … Continue reading

September 2, 2017
by joanna

Eight Great Websites for Authors

This was a great week: A recent blog of mine was included ¬†as a guest post on one of the great websites for authors, (see below), and my British bestie, Julie, arrived for a visit so I took some … Continue reading